Rino’s Vancouver SC Undefeated to Start the Season

Rino’s Vancouver SC opened the winter season in impressive style with their 5 teams winning 4 matches and tying 1, meaning the club remains undefeated after the first round of matches in the 2012/2013 VMSL season.

The Twin Arrows got things started off at noon on Saturday with a 5-1 demolition of TSA Royals “B” in CAT A division action. Stewart Prince and Stuart Macdonald set the pitch at Andy Livingstone ablaze, as both were multiple goal scorers in leading the line for the Twin Arrows. Rino’s Div 1 and U-21 teams then played simultaneously at 4pm. The Div 1’s prevailed in their home opener at Point Grey Secondary, where Cyrus Greenall scored the decisive goal in a 1-nil blanking of AC Campobasso (see highlight video after the jump). Meanwhile, the U-21’s enjoyed a comfortable 3-1 road victory over the Richmond TSS Olympics at Minoru Oval. Goals for the U-21’s were provided by Paul Kook, Kyle Reed, and Taylor Dickau.

The Bulldogs kicked their season of Sunday morning at Trillium with a 2-nil victory over GFC C-Men United. Team captain Brian Deo opened the scoring early in the first half, while Rino’s Fury gaffer Derrick Freedman sealed the game with a second half strike in his first competitive match in 10 months. Finally, the Fury dominated possession and created numerous chances in their afternoon game at Point Grey, but only Francarlos Leon could find the back of the net as they stumbled to a 1-1 draw with a hard-working West Van Royals side.

All 5 teams are back in action next weekend, starting with the U-21 home opener on Friday night.

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Div 1 Match 12 – NK Hrvat

Rino’s took on NK Hrvat this Sunday in the first game of the second half of the season. The final outcome was identical unfortunately with NK salvaging a point in the last few minutes, for a 1-1 tie.

Match Report

A nervous Rino’s side took to the field at Point Grey on Sunday, aware of the hole left behind by the absence of their captain, and mentor, John Bligh. A few anxious glances were exchanged in an uninspiring pre-game huddled and then the game was under way. NK came out very strong, buoyed by the General’s absence as much as Rino’s were distraught by it. But Rino’s somehow battled on bravely, with Marek or Jeff presumably having the game of his life as chance after chance mounted for NK. But completely against the run of play something amazing happened. Rino’s managed to pretend they hadn’t noticed I was gone and took the lead after a blistering run by someone, or perhaps a cross or some nice passing, which lead to someone scoring for us.

Rino’s couldn’t believe it, they had done the unthinkable, but alas, inevitably the lead could not last forever. Eventually something had to give, and with a few minutes remaining the keeper was finally beaten, presumably a gaping hole in the middle was exploited.

The draw will feel like a loss for the guys, but realistically it is a result they would have been happy to take at the start of the game.

Man of the Match: Marek or Jeff

Div 1 Match 1 – NK Hrvat

Hey there sports fans. The much anticipated kick off to the VMSL 2011/12 season finally took place last night, despite talks of a player lock out over wage demands.

It was a familiar team, with a few notable absentees and additions… So not as familiar as I would lead you to believe.


  • Rino’s said farewell to it’s captain, and father of the team, Jordan Haas. Jordan has hung up his tattered boots, but will no doubt be seen roaming the sidelines from time to time perving on the the U21’s that step up.
  • Andrew Wade was lulled away by the bright curries of India. He is thought to be bringing the ‘War on Terror’ to their doorstep, and has hit the ground running.
  • Charlie Carrick has taken a sabbatical from Rino’s and traveled to Toronto to recruit some actors for a feature length movie documenting his 18 goals in 18 games last season.
  • One blessing was the departure of Laurie Flynn, he won’t be missed.
  • I have no idea where Peter Bohdal went.
  • Rino’s also said farewell to it’s coach of 3 seasons, Ken Adloff. Rousing pre game talks and finishing 3rd in the league were trademark characteristics of his reign. Commitment to practices despite the trek from Surrey every week, and getting the team back on track were also trademarks, so thanks to Ken for all his effort over the last few years.


  • Cody Levy, although not a new player, has finally said ‘Fuck You’ to his native US and opted to winter in America’s Hat. A much needed boost to our US contingent since Andrew left.
  • James Duff has stepped in to replace Div 2 captain Vincent Martin as our ‘Plastic Paddy’. He has the unenviable task of filling Charlie’s boots, but based on last nights performance he should be up to the task, and may even get his own movie some day.
  • A raft of U21 players will be stepping up this season to help us out. Much needed support, and each one of them has the caliber needed
Step Ups:
  • Haydn Pritchard will be making the move from his successful tenure as U21 coach to a berth as the new Div 1 coach. The long time Derby fan has made a move reminiscent of Brian Clough’s switch from Derby to Leeds, hopefully with better results.
  • Steve Moloney, Jordie Atkinson, and Jonathan Cooper will be stepping up to the Div 1 team from last years CAT after strong winter and summer seasons. Best of luck lads.
Now, after that long winded intro, let’s get to the game.


NK Hrvat 1-1 Rinos Vancouver

What has 2 goals and ends up with shared spoils? A 1-1 draw. Joking aside, that’s what the result was last night.

This was a tale of missed opportunities and heartbreak, frustration and 2pts lost, but also one of hope, desire, and perhaps a brighter future for Rinos. Although only coming away with 1pt, Rinos also came away from Van Tech last night with a sense that, yes, this could be our year. Bonds are beginning to form, understandings and mutual respect growing, the pieces are all there, we just need to put them together, and when we gel fully, that puzzle, and our bonds, will be unbreakable.

Rinos came out of the blocks last night with a display that could be equated to

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a dirty diamond, a little lackluster. An innocuous looking play down the right led to the opening goal of the game. A floated cross to the heart of our box was met with a first time volley which shook the back of our net, but also the cobwebs from our rested boots. And Rino’s response was almost as instant as a nice cup of Nescafe.

From an NK venture into enemy territory the ball broke to Brent Hanson at centre back. A quick pass to Ally Gray in the middle of the park was complimented by another ball slipped out wide to Jordie Atkinson, who sublimely dazzled his marker and broke down the wing. Still with work to do, Atkinson, 34, picked out John Marsh at the back post, with the finest looking cross since Jesus died for our sins. Marsh, having run from well inside his own half reaped the reward of his extra effort when Atkinson’s cross swung directly into his path. A strong header left the NK keeper with no chance and the game was finely poised at 1-1… And Rinos were sparkling again.

Rinos went into the half time break with their tails up, and duly began the second half with the belief that the 3pts were theirs for the taking. Swift passing and moving had Rinos a cut above NK and numerous chances were created, but ultimately spurned by Rinos.

It was a whipped in corner that had the NK keeper sweating like a paedophile in a Barney costume. A glancing header by Brent Hanson beat the entire NK team, but unfortunately struck Jonathan Cooper on the line. Cooper then, with a carat dangling in front of him, had his subsequent shot blocked. The rebound was met with another header from Hanson that struck the bar, and we began to realise it may not be our day.

An equally frantic spell came after James Duff was mercilessly hacked down in the NK penalty area. Stepehen Moloney stepped up to bare the weight of responsibility that has so often affected our spot kick takers. It is this pressure that creates the diamonds of my running reference, but on this occasion it didn’t have the desired effect. A low shot to the right was gathered by the goalie… but distributed straight back to Rinos. Ally Gray leading the charge back across enemy lines, striking the cross bar from an acute angle seconds after the penalty miss.

More chances came, more saves were made, alas, no breakthrough. A solid performance though and one that bodes well for games to come, in what is probably the toughest Div 1 any of us have played in.

We were brilliant at times, lacked clarity at others, but our true colours will shine through as we prove we can cut it at any level, and eventually be as a paragon. Carat.

Div 1 Match 17 – Norvan Pacific 'A'

A large number of the clues are related to the Norvan game but there are a fair amount having to do with general club knowledge as well. If it’s not specified, the clue has to do with the Norvan game.

  • “Check Puzzle” tell you how many you have right and wrong WITHOUT giving away the answers.
  • “Solve” will solve the clue you are currently on (this is cheating).
  • If you leave the page by clicking a link or closing the tab the answers you have put in will disappear.
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    For the answers click here: Answers

    Cheers, Andrew

    Div 1 Match 16 – NK Hrvat

    Since we’ve been putting on a show the past 14 weeks…

    RINO’S & F R IE N D S SC – Season 1 – Episode 16: “The one where Peter ended the game”

    Episode Summary:

    The gang gets back from holidays and puts in two

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    good training sessions. Jeff sleeps with Rachel. The Rino’s play a game against NK Hrvat. Peter gets a red card. Rino’s with a default win. Charlie wins Nissan Man of The Match.

    Full Recap:

    Aches, poor touches and an inevitable drop in fitness mark the first week back for Rino’s. Christmas comes late bringing a shiner for Jordan, knee pain for Cyrus, a swollen ankle for Charlie, and a sore throat late

    . . . . . .

    in the week for John Bligh – foreshadowing he and Andrew will have their very own shower scene in next week’s episode. Rino”s overcome injuries as they enter Sunday with a full roster. The pregame locker-room is ordinary. Rob touts the oppositions’ offensive threats, Ken lets the team know where the game ranks on the hugeness scale, and Jordan agrees to help Charlie wrap his ankle. The team begins to warm up. Ken and Rob discuss with Charlie whether or not he can start. He says that he can and goes to warm up with Jeff. After a few shots on net Charlie sees an opportunity to get Jeff back for sleeping with Rachel and he volleys the ball into his head. Jeff holds his head in pain and begins to get moody, but all is well and he returns to his net for the start of the game. The starting line up is the usual for Rino’s, but this isn’t the case for the Hrvat side. Rino’s is glad to see that none of the players on Robs Most Dangerous list are in Hrvat’s starting-9. The game starts, Hrvat short two players, and Rino’s begins to attack right away. Possession tilts in neither teams favour, but scoring opportunities in huge favour of Rinos’s – specifically Cyrus. Laurie mixes it up with a few Hrvat players and Ken decides to keep him cool and switches him with Andrew to the other wing. Hrvat receives another player midway through the first half and then their goalie delivers a goal kick to Charlie’s feet at the edge of the box. Charlie receives the pass, leaving himself 1 v 1 with the goalie. He shoots and scores. The game continues with Rino’s taking all the chances on net. Hrvat maintains a more than respectable amount of possession considering they are a man short. Jordan makes a few runs up the left side, Bligh, Brent and Peter pass comfortably around the back, and Dylan and Lenny easily distrubute middle. Nearing the end of the first half Charlie makes a run back to the center circle and collects a pass from Peter. He may or may not have taken it himself to the net, but gains position in the Hrvat box and takes a shot with his wrapped up left foot. The ball goes past the keeper and Rino’s are up 2-0. Ken makes some changes at half time and brings Zain in for Andrew on the right wing, Tim in for Cyrus up front and Sam in for Jordan at left back. Gameplay in the second half doesn’t change. Both teams are on the ball and chirping back and forth. One Hrvat player tries to get under Brent’s skin, suggesting that his gloves are “sweater gloves”. The episode ends here, in the most unlikely and unfortunate fashion. A Hrvat player checks back for the ball. He receives the pass and simultaneously a tackle. As he puts out his leg to brace the tackle his ankle collapses. The referee, unsure of the call to make, runs over to see the extremity of the injury. What looks to be a broken bone results in a red card for the tackle and the eventual Hrvat forfeit. A win for Rino’s and hopes of a speedy recovery to the Hrvat player.

    Fans’ Reviews’:

    Ask Cyrus’s dad or Shaan (Jordan’s wife)

    Cast and Crew:

    Stars: Jeff, Andrew, Brent, Cyrus, Charlie, Dylan, John B, John M, Jordan, Laurie, Lenny, Peter, Tim, Vinny, Zain, Ken, Rob,

    Guest Cast: Referee, NK Hrvat


    This episode was Tim Pritchard’s first call up of the season. The gloves used by Brent in the episode were actually knitted from a sweater his grandmother gave him 10 years ago. The first goal was actually unintentional – the original script had the Hrvat keeper kicking the ball to half.

    (continuity) When the Rino players enter the dressing room before the game and look at the starting line-up it is actually titled Rino vs. Bingers. The game they are about to play is Rino vs. Hrvat, Bingers was 4 weeks prior.


    Hrvat Player: (at Brent) Your gloves are sweater gloves.

    Shaan: (at Peter) First you take out my husband, then you take out…

    Div 1 Match 9 – Estrella de Chile 'A'

    SPECIAL REPORT FROM BURNABY: A miraculous story of endurance and victory
    by Brent Hanson on Monday, November 6, 2010 2:00pm

    Celebrations erupted Saturday afternoon as the last of the 11 players trapped in a 90 minute battle walked from the pitch.

    The last man to emerge from the pitch was man of the match Brent Hanson, whose leadership was credited with helping the men endure the final

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    10 minutes, during which they had no outside contact as Coach Ken and the rest of the coaching staff were too nervous to speak.

    Sirens and horns blared and people cheered as Rino’s Vancouver walked to the 190-by-54-metre metal change room following the biggest win of the season.

    “We have done what the entire world was waiting for,” Hanson said to Rino President Robert Freedman after the victory. “The 90 minutes that we fought so hard were not in vain. We had strength, we had spirit, we wanted to fight, we wanted to fight for our families, and that was the greatest thing.”

    Hanson, Freedmen and the rest of the squad then began singing the team anthem, “Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls” by TLC.

    In Vancouver, Team Sponsor Rino offered congratulations to the victorious players and their fans.

    “Today we join the rest of the world in celebrating the best possible outcome: the successful victory of the Rino Players who returned to their hometown safe and sound and with a victory,” Rino said in a statement.

    Game went smoothly

    As the game proceeded smoothly Saturday, the time required to bring the players an early lead took just 35 minutes, thanks to a perfectly timed header by Dylan Smith after the Chilean Keeper misplayed Charlie Carrick’s shot.

    The game seemed to go so quickly that barely anyone had time catch their breath and those earlier estimates of a Chilean victory were quickly forgotten.

    John Bligh, the 9th player off the pitch, will get to meet his new beer after the game. His spot at the local bar

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    gave birth to a pint of Canadian, his second soon followed.

    Charlie Carrick was the 6th player off the pitch. A 24-year-old professional soccer player, Carrick pumped his fist in happiness after he stepped from field.

    Tyler Wilman, a 29-year-old father of one cat, was the 4th man off the pitch. A religious man, he prayed throughout the game and had friends even send prayers to the Rino players.

    After all the players were off the pitch, the six fans sent to Burnaby to provide support followed the team to the change room to celebrate. Shaan, 23, who has played soccer for years, was among them. “I cried 39 times, for every player and for every member of the team,” she says. “It’s impossible to contain such emotions. I’m a strong woman, but I couldn’t do it.”

    Jordan Haas, 45, was the 1st player off the pitch. He had taken a nursing course previously and was known as the doctor on the pitch because he helped so many fellow players with their health problems during the game.

    Over the roughly 90 minutes the men spent playing the game, Haas continuously calmed the team, administered treatments and treated minor injuries, all while playing a flawless game.

    Andrew Wade hugged his mistress after emerging from the pitch. His wife told a local newspaper she would not be at the sideline to greet Wade because she had reportedly found out about his mistress.

    Cyrus Greenall, the 5th player to reach the sideline at the end of the game, told a Burnaby television station the game was the hardest thing he has ever faced in his life, but his faith in God got him through it.

    “I was with God, and I was with the devil,” he said through a translator, his Dad. “But God won, I held on to God’s hand, the best hand, and at no point in time … did I doubt that God would get me a victory.”

    After weeks of waiting and preparation, it took just 90 minutes to win the biggest game of the season and Rino’s Vancouver has found themselves in second place in the standings and out of the mine that was fifth place.

    It is true that the Victory has become a team-defining event. A narrowly avoided tragedy has been transformed into something triumphant. The undeniable resilience of the players, the sheer drama of their struggle and ultimate deliverance has uplifted the team in a way that can be compared to Canada’s hockey gold medals at the Vancouver Olympics, or perhaps the lunar landings of a previous generation.

    To all the players…Congratulations. And thank you.

    Div 1 Match 14 – Binger’s Army

    The outlook wasn’t brilliant for Rinos Vancouver Sunday;
    Though the score stood two to one, with only minutes to play,
    For Hanson had seen red first, then Caulfield did the same,
    And when Gray went off a silence fell upon the game.

    Ben, JA, Ford and Max, overcame their deep despair – they, like the rest
    (Steph, Wong and Shaan) knew the boy’s’d meet the test;
    They thought if only Rinos’ defence for minutes more was able,
    They’d soar to that rarified spot at the top o’ the table.

    For a different half preceded the second, and ‘twas a piece of cake,
    A PK in minute two, Rinos game to take;
    So upon that stricken sideline grim melancholy sat,
    As memories floated backward, to the first half that…

    Saw Flynn dance down the sidelines, to the wonderment of all,
    And Lenny, the man-of-the-match, protecting every ball;
    And when the initial dust had lifted, and the Army saw what’d occurred,
    There was Carrick on the second and Cyrus almost a third.

    And from 5,000 throats and more there rose a lusty yell;
    It rumbled through the valley, it rattled in the dell;
    It knocked upon the Vanouver’s mountain all the way to East Lansing,
    For Rinos, mighty Rinos, were inexorably advancing.

    There was ease in Brent’s manner as he dominated his place;
    There was pride in Bohdal’s bearing and a smile on Wadey’s face.
    But when, responding to the Army jeers, they had a little laugh,
    Not a person in the crowd could’ve foreseen the second half.

    Confusion, too many fouls, and then a doubtful penalty call,
    Ten thousand eyes upon the spot, as he tried to place the ball.
    Then while the writhing striker saw it roll into the dip,
    Defiance gleamed in Jeff’s eye, a sneer curled o’er Jeff’s lip.

    And now the leather-covered sphere came hurtling through the air,
    And Jeff stood a-watching it in haughty grandeur there.
    Close by the sturdy goalie the ball unheeded sped –
    “Not this time” said Jeff, diving. “Corner kick,” the ref said.

    From the benches, black with people, there went up a muffled roar,
    Like the beating of the storm-waves on a stern and distant shore.
    “He’s done it! He’s done it!” shouted Rob from the stand;
    And indeed the Army’d been thwarted, with a flick of Thom’s gloved hand.

    But with a smile of Christian charity the referee’s bald head and visage shone;
    In a matter of minutes; he bade three Rinos be gone;
    Yes, they lost composure, and a glorious cross from Laurie Dylan blew;
    But as a fog spread across the field, they wondered what to do.

    “Fraud!” cried the maddened thousands, and echo answered fraud;
    But then on the field it happened, and the audience was awed.
    They saw Rinos faces grow stern and cold, they saw their muscles strain,
    And they knew that something special was in those shattered remains.

    The sneer was now on Marshy’s lip, Charlie’s teeth were clenched in hate;
    Bligh pounds with cruel violence as he marshals the remaining eight.
    And again the white team tries to attack, but no matter whence,
    For now the air is shattered by the force of Rinos’ defence.

    Oh, when the whistle at last blew, the lights were shining bright;
    The band is playing here now, players’ and coaches’ hearts are light,
    And somewhere Kenny is laughing, for despite the carded cost,
    Rinos go to the top— and Bingers have finally lost.

    Div 1 Match 13 – Desmesh FC

    The game report started with the customary description of the weather conditions, which were cold but clear.

    This week’s team sheet contained a couple of mild surprises (nothing to compare with the cardiac arrest-inducing revelation that Cooper was starting on the wing – sorry Coop, get well soon) as Rino’s own Ivan Drago, Stefan Caulfield, started at right-back. Marshy and Mcmeners must have had a falling out on their car-ride to the game, because Kenny had to put them on separate wings, as far away from each other as possible. Rino’s also welcomed Rob back to the sideline, which was just as well because otherwise we might have talked to the ref.

    The game got off to a sluggish start, Desmesh looking a little more sprightly than we remembered them and Rino’s struggling to escape the general shiteness that plagued last week’s performance. We did, however, manage to score on our first attack, Laurie latching on Dylan’s through ball and doing sterling work along the left before crossing to leave Charlie a simple tap in. McMeners and Marshy continued to have lots of possession on the flanks, ably supported by Jordan and Stefan respectively, but the game settled into a generally low-key atmosphere with the help of some fussy refereeing.

    Not for the first time this season, Rino’s seemed uncertain about what to do with the amount of time and possession they were afforded by limited opposition and surrendered the ball too easily and too often. This was compounded by the concession of several free-kicks which were, like Laurie’s diet (and this joke), cheap and dangerous. The rising tide of nervousness was, however, quelled on the stoke of half time when Marshy took his time to tee up a perfect lobbed pass (with the pitching wedge that both he and Charlie were credited with using in last week’s report) for Charlie to race on to and slot past the onrushing goalie. And so it was 2-0 Rino’s at half time.

    The half-time break robbed the Rino’s players of their momentum and their body heat and the second half was a sluggish affair. Jeff Thom came up big with a great save from a Desmesh free-kick  and when a second set-piece came back off the Rino cross bar, Bligh did well to hack it away before any of Desmesh’s goal-shy forwards could prod home. At the other end, Cyrus was hustling to try and create something and Dylan made some great runs into the corner before getting tired and passing it back to Desmesh.

    The already-flailing contest was killed by Rino’s third goal, which started with substitute Sam Chow (Chinese translation: He of the Pink Shoelaces) spotting a good pass to Charlie’s feet. The ball was then dropped off with Lenny, who thread a precise pass through two defenders, leaving John ‘Cascarino’ Marsh with the simple task of playing a one-two with the keeper and tapping home. An afternoon of uninspired entertainment for the watching Cantwell clan was rounded off with a red card for the Desmesh right-back, who fell victim to the man in black’s equal opportunities refereeing,  after questioning first his knowledge of football’s offside laws and then Canada’s discrimination laws. Speaking of The Man in Black, everyone apart from Brent, Dylan and enthusiastic debutant AR-JUNE was able to Walk the (Disciplinary) Line, and Rino’s go into next weekend’s huge tilt against Binger’s with no suspensions and no new injuries.

    Three points, three goals, yet another clean sheet for Chinstrap and Hoof and fantastic displays by Nissan M-O-M McMeners and Stefan. Wadey and Frenchy coming back to boost a healthy squad unbeaten in 10 games.

    Bingers…you have 4 days to enjoy being unbeaten.
    Kenny…you can say it now, this is THE BIGGEST GAME OF THE SEASON