Div 1 Match 5 2013/14 – Binger’s Army

Week 5 pitted Rino’s, off the back of consecutive wins, against old rivals Binger’s Army, off the back of taking their first big scalp of the year, Shaheen. But Rino’s, and in particular man of the match Atleo, had Binger’s own scalp firmly in their sights.

The game started at a frenetic pace with Binger’s showing their early league results were a blip, and not to be the norm. Rino’s were somewhat disjointed, with Bligh still mending on the sideline as he rested his groin for an upcoming visitor from Ireland. Both teams traded spells of possession, Binger’s edging the encounter through sheer energy alone, but solid defending kept them at bay, with no chances of note to show for their efforts.

It was a typically physical encounter between the two sides, and as always, Rino’s knew it wouldn’t be long before either Andrew Cook or LG lost their cool. Biding their time Rino’s kept their tempo up and pushed for the lead, all the time knowing it couldn’t be long now. Right on cue the straight red was handed out. This time to LG, taking some of the work load from Cook, as he attempted to nut the smallest player on the pitch, little Ali ‘Butter Wouldn’t Melt’ Pickett.

This proved the turning point, with Rino’s taking the lead a few minutes later. Great build up, with Norton to Pickett, Pickett to Billingham, Billingham sending English into the right corner with an uncharacteristically beaut pass, English whipping it across the face of the goal, Moore can’t connect, defence can’t connect, Norton can’t connect, nobody can… bang, 1-0, who else but Greenall at the back post for his third consecutive game winning goal against Binger’s. You’d think by now they’d mark him back there.

Rino’s, who were 2-0 up last year when Binger’s took their traditional red, were well aware that the game was not over. Binger’s came back to 2-2 that time, with Greenall scoring at… well just read the last description. Binger’s showed the fighting spirit they are known for and continued to apply pressure. But having gone 3 at the back there was more space for the Rino’s attack to play into.

This freedom of movement lead to Moore being played clean through on goal twice in a short space of time. The first resulted in everyone turning away afraid to make eye contact with him, but the second lead to a penalty when he was bowled over in the top corner of the box. Moore was glad of the lie down after another huge effort up front, chasing passes and defenders all night.

Chris English stepped up to shoulder the responsibility, and dispatched the penalty into the corner, with Critter just unable to keep it out. With the 2-0 cushion Rino’s were assured the victory, but the defence continued to prove impassable as Binger’s tried to salvage some pride. Atleo, Petersen, Southern, and O’Genski all putting in solid performances against the mixed threat of freakishly tall and somewhat fast strikers of Binger’s.

Man of the Match went to Tyson Atleo, another solid performance from the star full back

Team: Thom, Atleo, Petersen, Southern, O’Genski, Billingham, English, Norton, Pickett, O’Sullivan, Moore
Subs: Duff, Bligh, Greenall, Stoakes

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