Div 1 Match 6 2013/14 – Richmond FC Hibernians

Rino’s welcomed Richmond Hibernians to Point Grey with a big Céad Míle Fáilte, as the Club Ireland team, with FAI crests proudly adorning their chests, took to the field for the pre-game handshake. As it turned out, an old fashioned Canadian ‘Howdy’ may have been more appropriate as the Irish side seemed firmly onboard with the Jack Charlton era selection policy. Even at that there were a few more Cascarinos on there than Townsends I’d say.

Another clear sign that this team was as Irish as Thierry Henry’s left hand was the highly un-Irish 100% record they brought into the match up. These Plastic Paddies meant business.

Right from the outset Richmond set their stall out as a fast paced attacking side, with a strong physical element to their play. Although not initially paying dividends it certainly held Rino’s to half chances as we struggled to match the pace of this once great club. But as time went on Rino’s settled into the game and found their feet, keeping the score 0-0 while doing so.

As the game progressed it became apparent that Jack Charlton’s selection policy wasn’t the only thing mimicked by Richmond, as

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long ball after long ball came flying from their backline. Rino’s were not faring much better however, with few spells of good possession for either side. The breakthrough for Richmond came on the hour mark from a set piece, teasingly clipped between the defence and keeper, where it was met by Cascarino himself to head into the vacated net.

Rino’s tried to find an equaliser, but other than a couple half chances it was Richmond who looked more likely to score again with holes being left as we pushed on.

Final score was 1-0, with Rino’s slumping to their first defeat of the season.

Man of the Match went to actual Irishman John Bligh, the big fella at the back… because he’s pure daycent

Team: Thom, Atleo, Petersen, Bligh (Ire), O’Genski, Billingham (Twat), Greenall, Hauk, Norton, O’Sullivan (Ire), Pickett (Ire)
Subs: Duff, Carr, English, Moore (Ire), Stoakes

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