8 Cathal De Brun


Cathal is affectionately known as Cotsy by the boys as the gaffer can’t pronounce his Irish name. Like Robbie Keane, Cotsy grew up playing ball on the streets of Dublin. During an illustrious schoolboy career, he had spells with Home Farm, Belvedere, and Bohemians. Cotsy seamlessly transitioned into senior football as he grew into his size 12 football boots and was physical enough to compete at the highest intermediate levels in Ireland. He had spells in the Leinster Senior League before making Dollingstown FC in Armagh his home. During his time in Northern Ireland, Cotsy helped the ‘Dollybirds’ to secure the league and cup double and reach the last 16 of the All-Ireland championship. Like many of our lads, Cotsy had a greater calling in life, and that calling was The Rinos.

..so with rosary beads and sandwiches for Vancouver Cotsy began, he packed his Canadian phrasebook and jump leads for his van.. 

Cotsy is now an integral part of the Rinos both on and off the pitch. His energy, bravery, and commitment are the beating heart of the team and he’s helped raise the level and intensity of the entire squad. And on away days…

…we all agree that Cotsy is the man to drive the van.

What is Cotsy’s football superpower?

  • A classic box to box midfielder, Cotsy’s heart, energy, and long-range passing remind us of a young Steven Gerrard. 

What is Cotsy’s favorite football moment?


Cathal De Brun