11 Paul Kook

korSouth Korea

Paul ‘Kookie’ Kook was born in South Korea but raised locally here in Vancouver. He is a Rino’s veteran and he has proudly worn the Rino’s blue for over ten years. Kookie first rose to prominence with the Rino’s U21 squad where he impressed the senior coaches and was called up to represent the Rino’s Fury in Division 2. During the 2016 season, Paul was an integral part of the league winning Rino’s Fury team and helped them reach the provincial cup final under the stewardship of Coach, Andrew Norton.  Today, the Kookie Monster continues to give VMSL full-backs nightmares with his trickery and pace down the left-wing. 

What is Paul’s football superpower?

  • ‘Catch him if you can’, Kookie’s speed and agility make him harder to catch than Frank Abagnale

What is Paul’s favorite football moment?


Paul Kook